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Over the course of the year, we’ll be hosting fun social events like (virtual) game nights, wine and cheese nights, and pub nights so that you can meet grad students from all over the university.

Beach Volleyball League - Spring and Summer Sessions

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Virtual Games Night - February 9, Wednesday, 6-8 PM

Join us in our virtual games night to play different web-based games!

Use the following Zoom link to join the session:
XGSU Virtual Games Night

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February 3, 2022 Announcement - University Reopening

On December 19th, R*erson President Mohammed Lachemi announced a gradual return plan to In-person classes. There are many issues with this plan due to the uncertainties, safety issues, and problems that are still taking place due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you have personal safety concerns, general concerns, and would like to voice your opinion, we at the XGSU are here to advocate alongside you to the University. Please lend your names to these two petitions, and feel free to email our General Manager, Adam Asmar at with your concerns directly. Thank you for working to make R*erson a safer and more accessible space for all students.

Email Zap: No Forced Return! Free Education Now!

Give Ryerson (X) University Students the Option to Continue Online

December 3, 2021 Announcement - Budget 2021-2022

On October 7, 2021, the XGSU Board of Directors approved the 2021-2022 Budget totalling $319,383.36.


Services Breakdown

Total for All grad students

Career Services

(admin not included)

Professional Travel Grants


Student Buildings

(admin not included)

XGSU Space


Health and Wellness

(admin not included)

Health and Wellness and Associated Services


Academic Support

(admin not included)

Grad Conferences


Graduate Travel Grants


Special Projects Funding


Course Union Base Funding


Student Advocate


Legal Aid Clinic


Campus Safety

(admin not included)

Campus Safety



Honoraria Exec


Honoraria BoD






Promotions, Advertising and Printing






Elections Cost


Emergency Grant Fund


XGSU Retreat


Commercial insurance


Part-time Wages


General Manager


Athletics and Recreation

Athletics and Recreation Programs





Note: XGSU Budget creation will occur annually. Student fees charged per student will remain the same (subject to change only through Ryerson’s policies).


Total Fee per student

Total for All grad students

Healthcare Fees



For any budget-related questions, please reach out to: and