Grad Course Union Manual

Graduate Course Unions

What is a Graduate Course Union?

Graduate Course Unions are approved student groups affiliated with the X Graduate Students’ Union that represent specific graduate programs. Graduate Course Unions are run by graduate students belonging to their associated graduate program who organize events and other opportunities for their peers. These events and opportunities can be academic, career-focused, or social in nature.

Since course unions are funded by XGSU for the benefit of graduate students at our university, all activities must be directed toward students and be held on campus or online unless advance permission is obtained for an off-campus event from the XGSU Manager. All events should be organized and run in accordance with the Event Management guidelines outlined by the office of Student Life and Learning Support.

Graduate Course Union Funding

Each Graduate Course Union is allocated $500 in funding per year from the X Graduate Students’ Union while funds last. Students will need to pay for Graduate Course Union expenses in advance using personal funds and then apply for reimbursement. 

The X Graduate Students’ Union will not reimburse the following expenses:

  • alcohol and cannabis
  • cash gift (not including giftcards)

Note: Please also read “What are the requirements for a Graduate Course Union to meet in order to access their funding?”

Graduate Course Union Trusts

Each Graduate Course Union has access to a trust where they may store funds acquired via fundraising, sponsorships, or donations for the following year. The XGSU will be taking over management and control of these Trusts from the Ryerson Students’ Union in the 2021-22  Academic Year. Please contact for further details.

Special Projects Funding

Graduate Course Unions can apply for Special Projects Funding once per year for up to $1,000 while funds last. You can find the application form for Special Project Funding here. This additional funding is for large projects or events associated with your Graduate Course Union.

Non-Course Union Graduate Student Groups

If you belong to a Student Group run by graduate students for graduate students that isn’t a Graduate Course Union, you can still apply for Special Projects Funding for up to $500 per year. You will also need to submit a list of Student Group Leaders (who must be graduate students) and their contact information as well as a description of your group and its goals. You can submit the form and your description to our General Manager ( 

What are the requirements for a Graduate Course Union to meet in order to access their funding?

  1. Attend the XGSU Graduate Course Union Training
  2. Submit your Constitution to the XGSU. You can follow the following template found here to build your own constitution, and submit it to our General Manager (
  3. Submit your full list of Executives and their contact information
  4. Send at least one representative to attend the XGSU’s All Executive Meetings

Note: Graduate Course Unions may not levy a membership fee on XGSU members. No individual connected with the course union can realize any financial gain from the course union’s actions or activities.

How do I know if my program already has a Graduate Course Union?

Step 1: Check your email! You may have already received emails about events planned by your Program’s Graduate Course Union.

Step 2: Check out our website! 

Step 3: Email 

What do I need to know about the transition from RSU to XGSU?

Prior to September 2021, the Ryerson Students’ Union managed and funded Graduate Course Unions and Graduate Student Groups. Management of Graduate Course Unions and Students Groups is being passed from the Ryerson Students’ Union to the X Graduate Students’ Union over the course of the 2021-22 academic year. Please be patient with us as we navigate this transition. For general inquiries, please contact